Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0



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  • Perfect for walking, running, hiking, boating or kayaking too
  • Features orthopedic insoles
  • Comfort+ technology supports an upright posture
  • Lightweight fabric upper with molded rubber outsoles
  • Durable sole
  • Breathable, quick-dry upper material

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0

Stay Safe On Your Next Aquatic Adventure! Keep comfy with a pair of AQUALACE™- QUICK-DRY SHOES. They handle wet and wild conditions well. Durable kicks for use in camping, hiking, beachgoing, and outdoor sports. Your Feet will be protected from rough ground, rocks, sharp objects, and other debris.

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0

Features orthopedic insoles-These new sneakers feature a unique, fabric upper with a little bit of stretch that gives you the perfect, contoured fit. Say goodbye to sweat & discomfort as you stay active and on your feet all day.

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0

  • Take the usual size!
  • Fast delivery
  • Top-quality
  • This item is only available online
  • Without animal materials and not tested on animals


DRAINAGE TO AVOID WATER CLOGGING – These shoes won’t retain water and become squishy and uncomfortable! The soles have drainage holes to let water flow out, so your feet won’t be soaking in heavy, damp, waterlogged shoes. Your footwear will remain light and wearable. The breathable mesh fabric adds to your comfort.

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0

IR-CIRCULATING HONEYCOMB INSOLES – The shoes are equipped with light and comfy honeycomb insoles engineered to aerate the zone underneath and around your foot. They absorb wetness from your feet, resulting in drier, fresher feet with less odor.

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0

ATTRACTIVE UNISEX STYLES – Our fashionable shoes come in multiple designs and colors. Choose a pair that matches your clothes or your lifestyle. We offer unisex styling so that these shoes can be worn by both men and women.

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0

BAREFOOT/MINIMALIST SHOES- A professional trainer can tell you if this type of running is a good choice for you and, if so, provide you with tips and exercises to help you safely and slowly transition from running in shoes. The concept behind this technique is that it promotes “midfoot” strike versus a heel strike. This change in how your foot strikes the ground reduces the compressive loads through your lower limb and can help to reduce the injury.

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0

Choose the size that suits you according to our standard size chart:

  • For half sizes order the next size up.
  • For example, if you normally wear size 7, order a size 7.5

Aqualace-Quick Dry Shoes 2.0


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