Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0



Why choose the Combat Medic Pro Smartwatch 2.0

This watch?monitors heart rate, blood oxygen and blood pressure in real time with high-precision sensors. Electrodes built into the crystal on the back of the smart watch analysis your heart’s electrical signals 24/7. Along with other innovations like sleep tracking (deep sleep, light sleep and rapid eye movement) to keep you healthy from head to toe. Basically, this watch is the all-in-one for your health & fitness needs.


This?watch supports heat resistant to 185.36?F, cold resistant to -76.28?F, and water resistant to 50m, it is not afraid of harsh environments! Special composite materials and military-grade aluminum alloy bezel make our smart watches for men pass dozens of standard tests including temperature, low pressure altitude, dustproof, salt spray, fluid contamination, etc.


Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

24/7 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracking – The Combat Medic Pro Smartwatch?has a built in high performance motion sensor automatically monitors and detects your heart rate in real time.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Blood Oxygen (SPO2) Monitoring – Measure your blood oxygen (SPO2) in real time and?notify yourself to get?more oxygen if your level is not in range.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Bluetooth Dial/Answer Calls – This smartwatch?answers?with built-in high-fidelity speakers to ensure music playback quality and call clarity. You can directly make calls and answer calls. Other features include?playing music on your smart watch and receiving?notifications such as SMS and SNS (FB, WhatsApp, IG, Wechat and Twitter ) without turning on your phone. Anytime, anywhere communication?is at your fingertips.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Precision Fitness Tracker – This multifunctional smartwatch?supports 19 sport modes. Such as walking, running, cycling, badminton, basketball, football, rock climbing, tennis, rugby, golf, baseball, elliptical trainer, free training, rowing machine, cross-country running, skiing, bowling, dumbbells, sit-ups. During exercise, the fitness tracker will accurately record your exercise status, track the number of steps, calories burned, distance walked, etc.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Sleep Tracker – The Combat Medic Pro Smartwatch will detect and give you info on your quality of rest.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Music Controller – Control?your favorite music player from your watch.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Voice Control – Completely control the various functions of the Combat Medic Pro Smartwatch 2.0 simply by talking into it.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Real-Time Weather Data – Check the weather in your desired city. Use the smartwatch to get detailed current weather?information as well as hourly and daily forecasts.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

SCREEN – The Combat Medic Pro Smartwatch military is equipped with a 1.32-inch full touch high-definition large screen and has a resolution of 360 * 360, which allows you to clearly view the time, all-day activity data and health data. You can set the dial to use existing images or upload images to?customize the watch.

Combat Medic Pro™ Smartwatch 2.0

Multifunctional Capabilities – This smartwatch has a 300mAh battery capacity can be fully charged in about 2 hours, and it can be used for?7-10 days after being fully charged. Support 25 days standby time. It has weather display, sedentary reminder, GPS tracking, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, drinking reminder, music control, search watch, and supports 20+ apps.

Compatible with iPhone & Android?Phones – The Combat Medic Pro? Smartwatch is compatible with iOS 10.0 and Android 6.0 and above smartphones.


CPU 8762DK
Memory 128M
TP: Capacitive touch TP, Hynitron 816D
Screen 1.32-inch 360*360 resolution?HD round screen
Motor Flat motor, wire-bonded
Bluetooth BT3.0/ 5.0
Data Transfer JL CHIP
Heart rate HRS3605
Pedometer Silan SC7A20
Charging 2PIN magnetic charging cable
Battery Capacity 300mAH?
Waterproof IP68

What’s in the Box

1 x Combat Medic Pro Smartwatch
1 x USB Magnetic Charging Cable 1 x User Manual


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