Electric Tyre Inflator



No Longer Worry About Air Pressure


Imagine the freedom of no longer having to worry about your tyre air pressure. This strong air compressor is a must have device for every household which will come handy during unexpected breakdowns.

Electric Tyre Inflator

Why You Need Electric Inflator?

  • Make Your Trips More Safe & Enjoyable
  • Maintain Accurate Tyre Pressure At All Time To Keep You & Your Family Safe
  • No Longer Have To Look For Air Pump Nearby
  • Handy When You Have A Flat Tyre (Max150 PSI Pressure)
  • FREE Nozzles For All Modes
  • Easy To Use & Carry
  • Built-In LEDFlashlight Helpful During Night Work

Electric Tyre Inflator

Recommended by Australian Riders, our Inflator is designed to fill up air with ease and is made to be durable and last for a long time, unlike the average Inflators.

Electric Tyre Inflator


Choose based on your needs between 4 modes including Car/Motorbike/Bike/Sports Ball. Simply click the far right button to choose your mode.

Electric Tyre Inflator

Durable, Lightweight &Easy To Carry Design

The inflator is designed for easy to carry in your bag or store it in your car. Without taking up too much space, it can be handy during excepted hurdles in the trip to quickly fill up air with a click away.

Electric Tyre Inflator

Built-In LED Light

The LED light function comes in handy when you are in dark places, whether you are on a night trip or in a underground garage.

Electric Tyre Inflator

Long-Lasting Battery

This built-in 2000mAh battery pack can hold the charge for a while and inflate up to 5 cartyres with full charge. Electric Tyre Inflator

Aussies Road-Side Companion🇦

Electric Tyre Inflator
All In One Pack

The package comes with 4 FREE different nozzles, a tube and USB charging cable to help to get through any hurdles in your road trips.

How To Use?

Electric Tyre Inflator

Electric Tyre Inflator

Technical Specifications

  • Size:4.7cm (H) x 13.7cm (L) x 8.9cm (W)
  • Charge Type:USB Type-C
  • Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Inflatable Tube Length:0.5m
  • Pressure:150 PSI


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