Made Me Smile Cotton Pajamas



Save a life, and share a smile!

50% of people who see a smile will return it.

We want to spread as many smiles as possible and help those that may need an extra one. Make a difference, wear smiles, and save lives, while adding comfy pajamas made of 100% cotton to your wardrobe.

  • Spark conversation and raise awareness to help save others
  • 20% of all proceeds will be donated to The International Association for Suicide Prevention

Made Me Smile Cotton Pajamas

Why do you NEED these pajamas?

We can all agree that everyone needs to smile more.

Whenever you wear these pajamas you feel the love! Not only are they fun to wear, but it feels special to wear them as they are helping others.

These pajamas are perfect for lazy days, but you can wear them anywhere you go if you want a comfy and cute outfit!

Made Me Smile Cotton Pajamas

How does it help others?

For every bag sold, we are donating 20% of the proceeds to mental health and suicide prevention programs. We have chosen the best charity in the world to guarantee your purchase makes a difference!

Made Me Smile Cotton Pajamas

This is what you’ll get!

  • 1x Made Me Smile Top
  • 1x Made Me Smile Bottom
  • 1x Thank you/Information Card
  • 1x Custom Packaging

These pajamas symbolize kindness, love, and happiness. Standing true to their meaning, this set is meant to show off your true colors and help make your day a special one

  • Support a great cause
  • Look and feel better than ever


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