Mini Bearinter™


How It Works?

It works simple,

1. Download the App.

2. Connect with the bluetooth.

3. Print anything you want.

How Can I Use It?

  • You can print anything you want. But we want to give you a few examples:
  • You can gift it to someone or make a gift using it.
  • You can decorate your wall and fridge. You can take pictures on the street and give them as gifts.
  • You can also use it for study.
  • It can go like this, but if it’s not enough to watch what other people are doing on the app, you can follow us on TikTok. Print out your task and Bearinter will do the hard work for you. We trust your imagination.

What Features Do We Have?

Bearinter is not just a printer. It have also a platform for people to share their ideas. It can print videos and when the camera sees that print, it plays the video. You can take a bigger picture than you think because you can cut it into several pieces and print them one by one.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1* Mini Bearinter
  • 1* 11.5 ft Thermal paper (An average of 100 photos)
  • 1* Charge Cable
  • 1* Guide Book


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