Supercle Cat Litter Mat


No more getting litter stuck to your feet!

Supercle Cat Litter Mat is designed to keep your floors clean from cat litter. With it’s double-layer honeycomb shaped and micro bubble grip texture, it promotes a deep cleaning of your cat’s paws. Captures unwanted litter and traps it inside for a clean and mess-free room.Just simply shake/sweep/vacuum the litter away! Our cat litter mat is waterproof which makes the cleaning process a breeze!


  • Double-layer Honeycomb Design: Holes which are so big and deep that works twice better on trapping and catching all kind of litter granules, such as clumping, clay, pine, corn, wheat, crystal, paper litters, and others.
  • Durable, Soft, and Eco-friendly: As the cat likes scratching the mat and stretching their claws on it, our cat litter mat is made of upgraded premium EVA material, which is durable but super soft. It takes care of cat’s sensitive paws. 100% non-toxic, No BPA and Phthalate.
  • Easy to Clean: All the litter falls through the holes automatically and get trapped. You could just dump it back to recycle or wipe it with a wet rag. Clean it under sink head or shower head, vacuum is also a nice option.
  • Waterproof & Slip-resistant: The bottom layer of Supercle Cat Litter Mat is waterproof, protect your hardwood floor and carpets from nasty urine stains. It won”t be easy to move while the cats walk on it with the slip-resistant base.

Product FAQ

Q1: Is the mat large enough to catch litter?
A1: We have several size variants; all sizes are designed to fit the layout of your home. If you have a large space, we highly recommend you to get the “large” size, which can cover all places that allow your cat to jump out of the litter box.

Q2: How does the mat catch those litter?
A2: Its honeycomb-hole design collects all types of cat litter you use and stores it so you can pour it back into the litter box or vacuum it directly.

Q3: How to clean the cat litter mat?
A3: You can clean it by simply wiping it with a wet cloth and then drying it, vacuuming the inside and outside layers of the mat, or even washing it with water because it’s 100% waterproof.

Q4: Does it stick to the floor?
A4: It will stick to the floor without needing glue or adhesive since the bottom surface of the mat is slip-resistant.

Q5: Is it safe for my cat paws?
A5: It is 100% safe because it is made of no sharp materials and is also 100% non-toxic and BPA-free. Even most cats love to scratch on it.


  • Small
    11.8″ x 17.7″ (30 x 45cm)
  • Medium Foldable
    18″ x 23.5″ (46 x 60cm)
  • Large Foldable
    21″ x 27.5″ (55 x 70cm)


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