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23 reviews for THE HOVERBALL®

  1. Emiliano (verified owner)

    Got one for me and my brother, they’re such a blast for real.

  2. Kaden (verified owner)

    ❤️ Easy(ish) to use and fun for the little ones

  3. Bryan (verified owner)

    This ball is a blast! Playing catch is a unique experience (aim and release rather than throw), and the changing lights look very cool in a darker environment (larger areas work best, of course). The ball also seems very durable. I’ve no concerns of it being damaged bouncing off walls or obstacles.While the manufacturer claims it’s for ages 6 and up, I’d recommend adult supervision with children, as I would with any toy containing quickly spinning parts. The holes are small, but tiny fingers could find their way in (not that I think it would cause any real harm; I’ve had a run in or two myself with small plastic fans).

  4. Kyle (verified owner)

    This thing is gonna take over the world lol just wait until kids start bringing these to school its over

  5. Myles (verified owner)

    Very nice the truth is I really liked the way it comes protected the toy comes in a unicel case and arrived in perfect condition I really loved the shipping way and the delivery was too fast

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