Wireless Parking Sensor



Enhance The Safety Features Of Your Car With Wireless Parking Sensor

Do you want a smart device to prevent accidents and secure passengers of your car? Our Wireless Parking Sensor is the perfect device to protect your car from dangerous collisions. This car parking sensor has 4 advanced sensors with numeral and colored LED digital display, shows the distance between the car and obstacle. Wireless from the LED display and the parking sensors can be easily set up and fewer cable troubles. The parking sensors are designed with high quality components, helps to protect the radar system. This wireless parking sensor fits any cars or vehicles. A must have to avoid accidents while on the go.

A Convenient Solution To Prevent Accident & Be Safe On The Road!


  • 4 ULTRASONIC SENSORS: Wireless parking sensor features 4 sensor system. It has double CPU and advanced chipset for enhanced coverage and detection. This car parking sensor has an adaptive environment technology. It helps protect the radar system from freezing and is solid weatherproof.
  • INCREASES SAFETY: Wireless parking sensor helps to prevent dangerous and costly collisions. It provides increased safety for passengers, pedestrians, and family members who happen to be around the moving vehicle. It can detect small children and low walls as well.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This car parking sensor is made from premium quality materials. It ensures durability and longevity. It is designed with protective circuits and high-quality components. Helps to prevent the product from overheating or overloading.
  • COLOR LED DISPLAY: These parking sensors are equipped with colored LED digital display. It’s composed of 3 colors; green, yellow and red. It shows the distance between the car and obstacle.
  • HIGH VOLUME BUZZER: The beep sound will get louder and intenser for the timely warning when the parking sensors detect obstacles getting closer. It’s a universal fit for cars, trucks, and vans.


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